Saturday, January 31, 2009

Accommodations, Meals, Transportation, & Communications

The teams will be living and working in the village of Massaca, a few hours away from the capital city of Maputo. There we will be staying in the Spanish Mission, courtesy of the Catholic Church (picture is of some of the rooms we used last year). Each room will accommodate 2-6 people. Most beds have mattresses, but a few people may need to sleep on mattresses on the floor. Bed linens are provided as well as mosquito netting for all the beds and mattresses on the floor. The showers are cold water only. There are also flush toilets. It is necessary that everyone bring their own towel for showering. We will have breakfast and evening meals at the Spanish Mission, and that is also where we will have our evening meetings, social interactions, and relaxation. Our lunch will be in the village where we will be working.

Meals are simple, but nutritious, and last year's team found them to satisfying. There is little variety from day to day. Sometimes team members bring along their own snacks (peanut butter, crackers, granola bars, etc) that can be eaten in the privacy of their own rooms to supplement meals if necessary.

We will be transported from Maputo to Massaca, as well as each day from the mission houses to the work site, a short distance away, by a van-for-hire, to the standards of the country (no seat belts, no AC, and crowded).

In Mozambique, especially in Maputo City, there are a good number of internet cafes with reasonably fast connections. Prices range from $ 1.5 – $2 per hour. It is possible to make international phone calls from phone booths with the TDM phone centers around the country where you can also buy cards.

For emergencies, when in the village, you can also use our provided team leader cell phone to make and receive calls, using our local mobile services providers (Mcell and Vodacom), by purchasing a phone card (SIM) which is around $12.

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