Saturday, January 31, 2009

Housing Needs & Habitat for Humanity Mozambique

The Housing Need

Mozambique has suffered a series of setbacks in its struggle to develop during 32 years of independence. After a 10 year liberation struggle starting in 1964, the country was embroiled in a 13-year guerilla war that took the lives of 1 million people and left 5 million displaced.

Only with the rise of the ANC and the end of apartheid in South Africa, was Mozambique able to broker peace and disarm the guerrillas in 1992.
During its 15 years of peace, Mozambique has had one of the fastest growing economies in the region, yet the country has a steep hill to climb. To make matters worse, in 2000, the country was devastated by the largest flood ever recorded in Africa which left in its wake half a million people homeless. Since the war, HIV/AIDS has been sweeping through the country, with an estimated 17% of the population infected in the country and as much as 30% or more in certain cities along transport lines. As a result of these deaths, children are left orphaned, often without adequate shelter and sometimes homeless.

Habitat for Humanity Mozambique (HFHMz)
Formed in 2000, Habitat for Humanity Mozambique (HFHMz) has worked with communities, local volunteers, partners and international teams to build hundreds of houses in Maputo Province and up country in the provinces of Manica and Gaza.
HFHMz’s original houses were made of cement blocks, but the program changed its technique in the last few years to adopt local materials and methods in order to lower costs, increase efficiency and community involvement, and begin reaching the very poorest families in each community as rapidly as possible. It is anticipated that over 10,000 orphaned and vulnerable children will be housed under this new program in the next three years!!!!! Read more at the next posting under "Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program (OVC)" and start anticipating how you will be a part of this amazing program!!

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