Saturday, January 31, 2009

Do's and Don'ts - Being Culturally Sensitive

Mozambique is less traditional and conservative than its neighbors Swaziland, and South Africa, but it may be useful to consider a few things whilst traveling:

· Gift Giving/ Receiving - When giving a gift it is courteous to hand it to the person with your right hand and to receive a gift with both hands.

· Taking pictures – Because of many tourists, journalists and photographers taking pictures to use for profit, people have occasionally started acting aggressively towards people who take their pictures without asking them beforehand. Do please ask permission if you can take a picture of them beforehand to avoid problems.

· Buying things at the Markets - Be aware that you will probably be asked to pay more for goods than the locals, so it’s always good to learn how to say NO, and always negotiate and not accept the first price. Negotiate with a smile and positive attitude…getting upset will make things more difficult. Remember, you are a visitor to a country much different from your own.

· Pointing fingers- It is considered bad manners to point at someone.

· Stretching and yawning- It’s considered disrespectful to stretch yourself in front of people and yawning with your mouth open.

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