Saturday, January 31, 2009

Passport and Visas for Mozambique and South Africa

Passport Requirements
All participants on the Mozambique (Mz) team must have a valid passport that does not expire before March 10, 2010 (Team One) or March 26, 2010 (Team Two). ALSO, you must have at least FOUR blank pages in your passport for the Mz and South Africa (SA) visa stamps. You cannot count the last three pages that say "for ammendments". If you are a frequent international traveler, make sure you have this many pages. If not, you need to apply at the State Department for an extension to be put in your passport (extra pages).

Participants must have a Mozambique visa stamped into your passport BEFORE entering the country. Cost: $40

You will get your South Africa visa upon arrival at the Johannesburg airport. There is no fee.

In order to apply for your Mz visa, your name must appear in a letter of invitation from Habitat Mozambique to accompany the passport application. This letter will be mailed to you, along with the visa application and instructions on how to fill it out by the team leaders. Visa applications must be accompanied by your valid passport, the letter of invitation, 2 identical passport photos, the fee, a return mailer, and a copy of a confirmed flight itinerary. Therefore, it is essential to obtain airline tickets as soon as possible.

TIPS: When having photos taken for your passport and/or visa, have at least two additional photos made for travel situations that may come up (including replacing a lost/stolen passport). When purchasing your airline ticket make sure the name on the itinerary is spelled EXACTLY as it appears in your passport. If you are traveling to other countries on your own that require visas, you may want to apply for all of your visas at once, through a passport service, to eliminate multiple mailings.

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