Saturday, January 31, 2009

Costs and Airfare Information

Expenses are $1940. This includes:

  • $500 donation to Habitat and the Mozambique building program - *MINIMUM
  • All expenses while in Mozambique, including:

all meals in Maputo and Massaca

all accommodations in Maputo and Massaca

transport to/from Maputo airport

ground transportation to/from Maputo to the host community of Massaca

ground transportation to/from the work site

social activities

  • All expenses while in Johannesburg, South Africa including:

transport to/from airport

all ground transportation for cultural activities

guesthouse accommodations

all meals

cultural activities, entrance fees in Johannesburg

  • Mandatory medical travel insurance
  • Mandatory trip cancellation insurance
  • Orientation materials

It does not include:

  • airfare to/from Maputo with enroute stopover on return in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • enroute travel expenses before arriving in Maputo or after leaving Joberg airport
  • expenses associated with international travel such as visa, passport, and immunizations
  • optional R&R activities (Safari in Kruger National Park)

Funds must be received by July 24 for Team One and by August 14 for Team Two

*MINIMUM $500 donation explanation - all you HAVE to raise is the expenses listed. We encourage people on our teams to challenge themselves (it's not a competition between team members) to go beyond that minimum donation. 100% of that additional money will go to Mozambique for their house-building program. The more raised, the more houses built, simple as that. And for every person or group you contact for a donation is that many more people that are then aware of the poverty housing issues in Mozambique, and as important, the desperate plight of the orphans and vulnerable children.

So, as you consider your fundraising strategy, put the listed cost of $1940 as the MINIMUM that you want to raise. Even if you could pay for this trip right out of your pocket, we would still encourage you to fundraise because that is the number one tool for raising awareness as well. When you tell the story, explain the need, you are letting others know about the challenges of poverty housing in Mozambique. And when you do that, donations usually follow. It doesn't need to be an extravagant fundraising strategy. It could be as simple as writing an email to ten of your closest colleagues, friends, and family members, just stating what you're doing and asking them to JOIN you in eliminating poverty housing. Most people appreciate the opportunity. In the end, we hope that you can say you not only raised $xxx, but you also made xxx number of people aware in joining the challenge!!

Ideas on fund/awareness are posted on this blog under that that heading.

Planning Your Air Travel
Airfares vary depending on your departure city. We have found one agency that has "humanitarian travel" contracts with major airlines, and your Global Village trip qualifies. We have used this agency several times, as have many former participants, and have experienced timely and dependable service. Contact Eldon at Golden Rule Travel at, for a quote, or your own travel agent.

Your itinerary must have you arriving in Maputo no later than 3pm on Sept 6 (Team One) or Sept 27 (Team Two). You are certainly welcome to arrive earlier, even the day before (you would have to pay for an extra night at the guest house), if you want to feel more rested before we get going on a very full schedule which starts with dinner at 5pm that Sunday.

Your departure from Maputo to Johannesburg should be on South Africa Airways #145 departing MPM at 3:55pm and arriving JNB at 5:05pm on Sept 17 (team one) or For Team One or Oct 8 (team two).

Your final departure from Joberg airport should be no earlier than 8pm on Sept 19 (team one) or Oct 10 (team two), unless you are going on the optional safari in Kruger Park. If so, book your flight for no earlier than 6pm on Sept 23 or Oct 14 (note: this time is earlier than the 8pm time originally posted)

No team member can arrive later or depart earlier than the posted itinerary. Your team leader can give you more information.

Make sure that you book flight under the SAME NAME with the SAME SPELLING as that in your passport - no shortened names or nicknames.

In order to apply for a Mozambique visa, you must have a confirmed flight itinerary. Therefore it is important for flights to be investigated soon after your acceptance on the team.

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