Saturday, January 31, 2009

How Visitors to This Blog Can Donate to the Kids of Mozambique

If you are a visitor to this blog, you can donate funds that:

1) go directly into the team donation account for the materials for a Mozambique house for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, or

2) to support a particular team member in their efforts to raise money for their expenses and airfare.

You also have a choice of donating online or over the phone.

To donate by phone, call Global Village's Customer Service Representative at 1-800-HABITAT, ext 7530, Monday-Friday, 8-5, EST. If donating online, go to Click on the words "make a donation in support of a Global Village team". Fill in the required information.

If donating only to the team fund for materials (option 1 above), at the bottom of the web page, where it says "please apply this donation towards", click the third button "The Global Village team indicated below". Enter the EventCode: GV 10116. If you wish to support a particular team member, then you will go to that same website and page, except that you will click on the second button, "The following person's Global Village trip". You will enter the event code of that particular team member (GV 10116 or GV 10117), but you will also need that person's 8-digit ID number. You need to ask the team participant for their ID# and event code, or call the 800 number listed above and speak to the customer service representative.

You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for all the funds, regardless of which account you deposit your donation, and whether it's by phone or online.

If you want to make the donation anonymous, you will have to make your donation over the phone and express your wishes to the representative.

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